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Xft' Integrated DamageLogs v0.22a []
[ Download (205.2 Kb) ] 2016-06-10, 10:44 AM

Autor: Xft

This mod is based on GambitER's and SeaFalcon/kodos damage and hit logs.
Both damage and hit logs have been entirely customized to fit my personal taste.
Full credit goes to the original authors.

** As from v15 this mod does not include any DamagePanel **



 • Animated damage messages
 • Custom damage received log
 • Custom hit log (XVM only)
 • Two versions / hitlog placement
 • Total amount of damage and hits received
 • Damage amount received and type of shell
 • Received hits: ricochet, critical hit, damage, etc.

 • Enemy tank reload timer

 • Amount of damage blocked by armor
 • Attacker tank type, player name
 • Total amount of damage and hits fired
 • Type of damage done and hp left in all enemy tanks 



Just unpack the zip file and copy the contents of version 1) or 2) to your res_mods folder.
Please note that you need to uninstall/delete any other damage log files currently installed or disable the damage log feature on your installed damage panel (if necessary).



1) You need to uninstall/delete any other damage panel files currently installed.
2)  The hit log (damage done) section only works if you have the XVM (eXtended Visualization Mod) 
3) Copy the files under "res_mods\configs\xvm\default" to your current XVM config folder name (overwriting destination files)!

4) You can use a DamagePanel mod together with these logs as long as its config files don't mess it up. Be sure to edit the DP config files and delete any hitlog files and/or reference calls.

Kategoria: HitLogi | Dodał: Predator_44_ | Tagi: wot, DamageLogs, Mody, mods, World of Tanks, hitlog
Wyświetleń: 2993 | Pobrań: 924 | Rating: 4.5/2
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