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Xft' Minimap Coordinates Font Colour[0.9.2]
2014-08-11, 12:52 PM
After playing for a while I started to notice that I had trouble identifying grid zone locations on the minimap and sometimes taking a lot of precious battle seconds looking at the minimap (finding locations /orders). The colour of the font used by WG is very dark and hard to read.
There was a similar mod running around from 8.8 that was not working properly with some damage panels. I decided to create a similar modification for personal use based on the actual version. Since I had a lot of requests for my clan mates for different colours I am releasing the whole range  ;)
1) Just unzip and select the desired colour folder;
2) Copy the folder structure or just the file over the original one into your game folder (you can rename/backup the original if you want);
3) Restart the game and that's it.
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