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XVM Tank Minimap Ranges v2.0 (0.9.0)
2014-04-29, 12:07 PM

Autor: Omegaice

Crusader (Left:50% Commander Skill with Binoculars only, Right: 100% Commander Skill with all affecting items)

XVM Tank Range

I was looking for a mod that would allow me to see my current tanks spotting range that changed based off of the tank used and all of the other factors that can affect that range. The only mod I found that did that was locastan's HD Minimap. Unfortunately, I didn't like the text and icons for the vehicles compared to the XVM minimap so I decided to make this modification. It is a simple one file modification at the moment.

This modification adds a white circle on your minimap with a radius set to the calculated value for your tank's spotting range. It is calculated whenever a tank is changed which means that if you add modules or your crew's skill improves the circle will change without you having to restart the game. It also adds a red circle for the maximum range your artillery tank can shoot.


  • Adds a circle to the standard XVM minimap at your tank's spotting range
  • Adds a second circle to show where your binoculars extend to
  • Adds another circle to show the maximum range of your artillery's gun
  • Adds another circle for low tier autoloaders to show their maximum shooting range.
  • Dynamically updates all circles when you change tanks
  • Utilizes all skills, perks, modules and consumables that affect the tank's ranges

The configuration for the mod is now added in tankrange.xc in the "res_mods/xvm" folder. This file is auto created the first time your game is launched with the mod installed and it has the configuration options at the end of the file in the "tankrange" section.

Your XVM configuration MUST load tankrange for the circles option of the minimap section. This can be done by using the following code, where the entire circles section is removed and replaced with the code below (... indicates the rest of the configuration for the minimap section):

"minimap": {
 "enabled": true,
 "circles": ${"tankrange.xc":"circles"},

If your XVM configuration is in a different folder from "res_mods/xvm", you need to change the path to the file in your configuration. If your xvm configuration is in "res_mods/xvm/config" then you need to modify the config and insert "../" before tankrange.xc as shown below. This means that xvm will move back one directory to find the configuration.

"minimap": {
 "enabled": true,
 "circles": ${"../tankrange.xc":"circles"},

XVM Issues
Any changes that occur with how XVM works are related to the XVM configuration and not this mod. It usually indicates that the XVM configuration file has an error in it.

Other Issues
Please follow these steps to help me and everyone else out:

  • Download XVM bundled version
  • Rename current res_mods directory
  • Delete python.log in World of Tanks directory
  • Install XVM bundled version to game directory
  • Run game and test
  • This will allow you to know if it is my mod alone that is the problem or a combination of already installed mods and mine. Please post a message giving me as as much information (python.log, xvm.xc, list of mods, steps to reproduce) as possible so that I can attempt to fix it.
  • Remove the bundled res_mods
  • Rename your original res_mods directory

By doing all of this, you will be testing if it is an issue with my mod alone or if it is an issue when it interacts with another mod.

If you need somewhere to put your files for me to look at, you can upload the files here. Please set the description to your username.

Change log

  • v2.0 - Updated to work with 9.0 with the help of mEDI-S.

Download (Base Mod)




Download (With XVM Minimap)




Source Code


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