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Versus mod. Clan Information and Statistics [0.9.13]
2015-12-16, 5:24 PM

Overall info about project

This mod is made to improve functionality of a clan, show statistics and online time of clan members. Versus gathers info about every battle on Global Map, shows activity of members in primetime. Mod will be very useful for those, who want to keep an eye on improvements of his society. For clan commanders this mod is a powerful tool for analyzing the results, dynamics and clan development.


What are the main features

• Gather and analysis of info about online time of clan members in primetime.
• Gather and analysis of info about Training sessions, Team battles, Platoon battles, Strongholds and Global Map battles.
• Analysis of efficiency of clan members in terms of battle type and vehicle tier and average damage per battle.
• Analysis of available tier 10 vehicles in hangar of every clan member.
• Making history records of clan battles on GM including info about maps, provinces and enemy teams.
• Possibility of setting up Battle Companies, record-keeping of “long term afk” clan members.
• Clan news feeds directly into game client. Default key "F9". You can change it in versus.cfg file.
• Additional feature of this mod – displaying clan member online status. This info can be seen in clan channel.
• Integration with TeamSpeak has been made to see who of the clan members is in the game but not connected to clan’s TeamSpeak server. This info can be seen in separate window “Personnel” in game client.
• This mod gives an opportunity to see all important info that helps to control clan directly within the game client, such as player online status, owned provinces, scheduled battles and info about available vehicles of clan members that are online. Default key "F10". You can change it in versus.cfg file.
• As an additional bonus on Versus mod website there is a new section – “Analysis of setups”.
• Statistics of clan wins by maps, enemies, last 100 battles, etc.


How does it work

Mod gathers information about all battles on Global Map and their results. Any clan member can use this mod. If player was offline at the end of the battle, the information will be sent to statistics server as soon as player will log in to the game. Sending of all information about clan member status (online/offline) is automatic. mod also automatically gathers info about attendance of training sessions, platoon battles and special battles. However, certain conditions have to be achieved to make this mod work:
1. It has to be at least one player with installed mod in the battle. In case of none of the players will have Versus mod installed, the information about this battle will not be gathered.
2. Clan member using this mod should not leave the battle until it ends.


Install and setup

You can download Versus from Dropbox or from official Versus site. Run the application and choose one of install types:

1. "Complite". Will be installed statistic module, clanfeed module and clanpanel module.

2. "Custom". You can select modules that you need.

3. "Typical". Ony clanfeed module will be installed.

If you have a troubles with application installation you can download zip version and exctract it to /res-mods/0.9.6/ folder


How to setup Versus for your clan you can read at wotvs.com


Teamspeak integration

TeamSpeak integration was created for tracking who from clan members is in game now, but isn't connected to TeamSpeak. This information can be seen in a clan panel window in the client. In order it is necessary:

1. TeamSpeak administrator must make some tunings. As to make it is described here: ServerQuery

2. In clan settings on wotvs.com go to tab "Teamspeak", fill all fields and press "Update" button.

3. Change all nicknames in Teamspeak to this format []. For example st11ks[Nik] or st11ks(Nik)

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