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XVM Updater 2.6
[ · Download () ] 2013-10-13, 2:34 PM

Autor: LaCourgette

Automatic installation folder detection; even if you don't really know where you installed World of Tanks, my utility will find it easily.
Old XVM configuration file backup.
You don't like battle win chances? Or you really can't play with them? XVM Updater features ready-to-use configurations without win chances by default, simply tick the corresponding option to enable them.
Last XVM version & tests support: simply use the drop-down menu to choose the desired version you want to install.
Translated in 8 languages: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Finnish.
Easy J1mB0 (full package: XVM config + Crosshair) installation available through the 'XVM version' drop-down menu.
Q: What do I need before executing this tool?
A: Absolutely nothing; not even your running WoT client, so please close it before launching the process. :smile:
Q: How does the 'Keep old XVM configuration file' option works?
A: My utility will simply keep your xvm.xc file, so even if it includes your entire configuration or if it links to a custom or default config, everything will be kept. Please note this option can cause incompatibilities (not related with XVM Updater but with the new changes brought by the new XVM you are about to install).
Q: It doesn't work and the player's names are replaced by 'Loading 35%', why?
A: You should still be using the old WoT XVM launcher. With XVM 5.0.0 you don't need it anymore and it can even create issues. Simply launch the game through the standard launcher, XVM will work all by itself.
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