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Session Statistics and Battle Result Messages [0.9.16]
[ Download (491.5 Kb) ] 2016-10-06, 3:02 PM

Autor: Tomonik


  - Session Statistics (resets manually or daily)

  - By Tank Statistics (supports multiple rows)

  - Battle Result Messages (in Notification Center)

  - Battle Result Messages (in chat during a battle)

  - Hiding unwanted messages (in Notification Center)

Useful info:

 ► A complete macro list, Battle Type list and formatting options can be found in configuration folder located at  ..\res_mods\configs\wotstat\

 ► This is an English version. In order to work properly, the English language should be selected in client.

  If other language than English is selected, the Battle Result Messages in Notification Center won't show right and the selected system messages won't hide. The rest of the features will work just fine.

  For making Battle Result Messages in Notification Center to work at your client's language, edit the config file and replace the key words in "pattern" sections with those from your client (precision is needed).

Instalacja: Folder res_mods wstawić: World of Tanks /

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