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Extended stat-info for official WoWS profile [WoWsStatInfo] []
2016-06-25, 10:40 AM

Autor: Vov_chiK

WoWsStatInfo – is an extension (script) for your browser coded via JavaScript, which adds some extra features to the World of Warships website for you.

This extension is going to be developed further, and some new features for this extension are going to be added to the official World of Warships website.

I made a similar extension for the World of Tanks website, and it became rather popular. I’ll try to include in all ideas and suggestions in order to make using the WoWS website much more comfortable for players.


WR formula:


Coloring scheme:




 UserScript WoWsStatInfo is compatible with following browsers: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.


Installing for Google Chrome:

1. Launch your Google Chrome.

2. Install the extension from Chrome webstore by clicking “Install” or “Add” (browser restart might be required)


Installing for Opera 18+ :

1. Launch your Opera 18+.

2. Install the extension from Opera webstore by clicking “Install” or “Add” (browser restart might be required)


Installing for Mozilla Firefox:

1. Launch your Mozilla Firefox.

2. Install Greasemonkeyextension by clicking “Add to Firefox”. Restarting your browser might be required.

3. Install WoWsStatInfoUserScript, by clicking “Install that script”. Restartingyourbrowseralsomightberequired.



From time to time your browser will check for updates and update (if possible) automatically. But you can also force an updating.


Updating for Google Chrome:

 In your address bar got to chrome://extensions. Make sure that “Developer mode” is checked, then click “Update extensions”.



Updating for Opera 18+:

 In your address bar got to opera://extensions. Check the “Developer mode” checkbox and then click “Update all extensions now” button.



Updatingfor Mozilla Firefox:

Go to extension’s webpage and click “Install that script”.




Download UserScript WoWsStatInfo

- Chrome WebStore https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wowsstatinfo/hkgnleedlgehhehjjjbipfjlceepfkjk

- Opera WebStore https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/wowsstatinfo/

- Extensions for Mozilla Firefox https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/9266-wowsstatinfo

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